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Medford Water Commission - 541.774.2430
Physical distancing doesnít mean that we have to disconnect!

Contact us!
Physical distancing doesnít mean that we have to disconnect from our customers! We have ways to keep you connected to our services.
Call us during normal business hours at (541) 774-2430. You may also email us at customerservice@medfordwater.org, or send us a message on social media (@MedfordWater).
Even though our office is temporarily closed to the public, weíre still on the job and want to keep you safe and well-informed amid concerns about the spread of COVID-19. Water service is critical to the protection of public health in our community, perhaps now more than ever, and our hard-working staff will continue to treat and monitor the water supply, and maintain the distribution system to deliver high-quality water straight to your tap.

To see some temporary changes we've made, please click here. We also have a Q&A related to Water Quality and COVID-19, FAQ related to Customer Service during this time, and a list of sources to stay up-to-date on COVID-19 news.
As always, for any issues, whether itís a question about your bill, you think you may have a leak, or even if you want to learn more about starting up your sprinkler system for Spring, please donít hesitate to contact us.


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