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2020 Water Quality Analyses Now Available

Medford Water Commission's 2020 Water Quality Analyses, an annual report that includes a comprehensive listing of drinking water testing results for all of the parameters tested for by the Commission, is now available. 

Providing safe, high quality drinking water is Medford Water Commission's top priority. To ensure this objective, a comprehensive water quality program has been developed, involving water treatment and testing, as well as measures aimed at assuring that our water resources are protected to the greatest extent possible. The Commission conducts water quality testing on a large list of parameters, and during 2020 we conducted over 8,000 analyses. We are proud to report that all results for 2020 met or exceeded all state and federal health standards.

WQ Analyses 2020

For a streamlined list of water testing results focused on compliance with state and federal regulations, and information explaining what the results mean, please see our Consumer Confidence Report. For more information on water quality, go to our Water Quality Page.

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