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Sprinkle Smart

For a free, sprinkler checkup during the summer months, Medford customers can call: 541-774-2435.
Listen to our message at 541-774-2460 or read our lawn watering recommendations, which are updated weekly during the summer months.

Check out our Water-Wise Gardening website. It provides hundreds of photos of beautiful gardens from our area as well as tips on gardening with water efficiency in mind.

Watch some helpful videos on sprinkler systems.

To prepare your sprinkler system for summer, check out Spring Startup for Sprinklers.

If your future plans include installing a new landscape or modifying an existing one, think of it as a one-time opportunity to do it right. Though some plants can be replaced or moved later, many aspects of a landscape are difficult to modify once installed.
If your project involves installation of an irrigation system, give plenty of thought to the sprinkler system design. Even if relying on others for this, a general understanding of design options can help assure that youíll end up with a system youíre happy with. For example, you may later regret reducing costs through such means as stretching the size of sprinkler zones or selecting a time clock with limited features. Instead, if the budget is limited, leaving some areas to be finished later may be a better option than cutting corners from the start. Call 541-774-2435 if youíd like a brochure with some sprinkler design tips.
Also remember to consider maintenance and water needs in your planning. Lawns, in particular, are very demanding of both water and maintenance, so in initial plans evaluate carefully where grass will be functional and where attractive alternatives might be better choices. Removing areas of lawn later often requires alteration of sprinkler zones, which can be difficult, if not impossible to effectively accomplish. Itís therefore best to do thoughtful planning before installation.
This Sample Lawn Watering Schedule will help you to water wisely.

Maximizing flowers, minimizing grass

Lush garden, no grass

Shady, inviting pathway for pedestrians

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