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Medford Water Commission

Medford Water Commission - 541.774.2430
Pressure Zones & Pumps

The area served by the distribution system varies from 1,250 to 2,250 feet in elevation, in nine pressure zones. The three major pressure zones are:
  • Gravity Level Zone - supplies most of the City of Medford and areas southwest of the city
  • Reduced Pressure Zone - supplies north Medford, Central Point, and the White City area
  • High Level Zones - supply higher elevation areas in the hills around Medford

Water Pressure

The pressure varies within the distribution system between 35 and 100 pounds per square inch (psi). The pressure at any given point is mostly dependent upon the elevation within the pressure zone.
Both the Big Butte Springs and Rogue River sources supply the gravity level and reduced pressure level up to elevation 1,500 feet. Interchange of water between the two levels in both directions is done through the pressure control, or pump stations, which contain both pressure reduction valves and pumps.
Water from the Rogue River source is lifted approximately 87 feet from the mean river elevation of 1,178 feet to the Robert A. Duff Water Treatment Plant (Duff WTP). Treated water from the reservoir at the plant is then pumped into the Rogue transmission main that supplies the reduced pressure zone.

Gravity Zone

(Service Elevation 1250' - 1350')
Reservoir: Capital Reservoir (12.0 MG) and Bullis Reservoir (10 MG)
Pump Stations: Martin, Conrad, and Rossanley

Reduced Pressure Zone

Reservoir: Duff Water Treatment Plant Clearwell (4.8 MG)
Duff WTP High Service Pumps lift water out of the Duff Clearwell into the Gravity Pressure Zone, through the Pump Stations: Martin, Conrad, and Rossanley 

High Level Zones

An intricate network of strategically placed pumping stations serve higher elevation areas. There are five pressure levels above the gravity system to which water can be pumped.
The maximum level of service within the city is 2,250 feet in elevation. Each pressure zone above the gravity level has a pumping station. Each pressure zone has at least one storage reservoir.
East Side: The East Side High Level service area contains all of the property above the service elevation of 1,500 feet located on the east side of the City of Medford. This area is currently comprised of five pressure zones served by a series of pump stations and storage reservoirs. Each pressure zone serves approximately 150 feet in elevation. Future plans call for the addition of at least two additional zones above our current maximum service elevation of 2,250 feet.
Zone 1
(Service Elevation 1500' - 1650')
Reservoirs: Stanford (1.5 MG) and Barnett (2.0 MG)
Pump Stations: Brookdale, Pierce Heights, and Lone Pine
Zone 2
(Service Elevation 1650' - 1800')
Reservoirs: Hillcrest #1 (0.14 MG) and Lone Pine #2 (1.0 MG)
Pump Station: Stanford
Zone 3
(Service Elevation 1800' - 1950')
Reservoirs: Hillcrest #2 (0.10 MG) and Lone Pine #3 (1.0 MG) Reservoirs serve this pressure zone.
Pump Station: Hillcrest
Zone 4
(Service Elevation 1950' - 2100')
Reservoirs: Stardust (0.18 MG) and Cherry (0.50 MG)
Pump Station: Angelcrest
Zone 5
(Service Elevation 2100' - 2250')
Reservoir: Highlands Reservoir (0.50 MG)
Pump Station: Stardust
Barneburg: this high level area is located on a hill in the southeast section of the system. With completion of construction by the Rogue Valley Manor, the zone will be totally developed. The facilities supplying this area are comprised of a single pump station, and a .50 MG storage reservoir, both constructed in 1959.
Southwest: a high level area, comprised of approximately 80 acres, which is located in the southwest corner of the distribution system. Archer Pump Station and the Southwest Reservoir (2.0 MG) serve this zone.

Ken Johnson, Water Meter & Controls Supervisor
Phone: 541-774-2680
Fax: 541-774-2696

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