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Be Winter Wise...And Winterize!
Thursday, November 18, 2021


The summer watering season has come to an end, and it’s time to prepare your irrigation system for winter temperatures. The best way to protect your system from potential freeze damage over the winter is to “winterize” all of the components. This process involves removing water from pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads before freezing occurs.
Follow these basic steps to assist you in the winterizing process:
1. Shut off water to your sprinkler system. This can typically be done at the backflow prevention device.
2. Turn on each of the sprinkler valves to release the pressure in the pipes.
3. Drain sprinkler components as much as possible. Remove the cap and riser from the highest and lowest sprinkler in each irrigation zone to help water drain out.
4. Some systems are equipped to be blown out with compressed air. Contact an irrigation professional who offers this service.
5. After purging the system of all water, leave all the valves on your backflow preventer half-open. Make sure to close them when you turn the system back on in the spring.
6. Turn your sprinkler controller to the off position.
7. In addition, any above-ground piping, backflow preventers, and valves need to be insulated. Disconnect garden hoses and place insulation caps on hose bibs.
Properly preparing your system for winter can be far less costly than repairing damaged equipment in the spring. Consider contacting an irrigation professional to assist you with winterizing your system. If you have any questions or would like more information on our conservation programs, please call 541-774-2436 or click here.
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