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Lawn Watering Infoline - October 11, 2021

Monday, October 11, 2021
It's the perfect time to plant a new lawn or renovate an old one. Thatching, core aerating, overseeding, applying fertilizer, and covering with a thin layer of compost will make for a great lawn.
With current and forecasted weather conditions, turning off irrigation may be necessary this week. Turfgrass will need about 0.5 inches of water. Consider using the “Seasonal Adjust” feature on your controller. For more information on this feature call us at 541-774-2436.
Different sprinklers apply water at different rates, but as an approximate guideline, you would need to run standard spray sprinklers for a total of about 20 minutes for the week. Rotors apply water more slowly, so they need to run around 48 minutes over the course of the week to apply the same amount of water.  If you have multi-stream rotators, you need to run those for 75 minutes for the week.
To determine how long to run sprinklers each watering day, divide the total minutes we’ve given by the number of days you will be watering this week. For example, if you water 4 days per week, you would run spray sprinklers for 5 minutes each watering day to apply the needed amount of water. Typical rotors would need to run 12 minutes on each watering day and multi-stream rotators for 19 minutes each watering day.
Consider these helpful tips to maintain a healthy lawn:
  • Apply fertilizer before winterizing your sprinkler system. Putting down one pound of actual nitrogen, the first number of the fertilizer formula on the fertilizer bag will help to prepare your lawn for its winter slumber. If you need help understanding how much to apply, ask your local nursery or call us at 541-774-2436.
  • Fall is also the time to plan what to do with your sprinkler system for the winter. Medford Water offers Winterizing Your Sprinkler System, an overall guide to preparing your sprinkler system for the cold weather ahead. You can also call us at 541-774-2436 to have a copy mailed to you.
  • Adjusting your watering times is something that a Smart Sprinkler Controller can do for you. Check out our Smart Controller Rebate or call 541-774-2436 to ask us about it.
  • If you are a Medford Water customer, we offer a Free Sprinkler Checkup in which we provide an overall evaluation of your sprinkler system and make recommendations for any improvements. Call 541-774-2436 to set up an appointment.
  • Run your sprinklers in the early mornings or late evenings. By doing this, you are helping your lawn get the most out of each watering cycle.
  • In addition to adjusting your irrigation times, remember to give your sprinkler system an occasional checkup. If you haven't observed your system operating lately, turn it on and make sure your sprinklers are all working and functioning properly.
For information on the best ways to water, visit our Conservation page or call 541-774-2436.
Thank you for being mindful of your water use. Using these tips, we hope you’ll find that you can maintain a beautiful, healthy landscape while using water wisely.

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