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Curtailment - Current Water Usage Restrictions

Updated July 8, 2021 @ 3:00 p.m.

Medford Water Commission would like to thank our customers for cooperating with the voluntary water reductions that have been in place since June 17, 2021, as we work through a nationwide chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) shortage. 

Initially, the efforts of our communities during this challenging situation were measurable, and despite record high temperatures, water demand during the first two weeks of this event was reduced by 10-15% of typical usage. This week, however, water usage has increased again.
Considering this rise in water demand and the fact that our region is still in drought, it is all the more important to continue to use water wisely. Please be mindful in how we use water this summer, and remember it is a valuable resource that should not be wasted. For more information on how you can reduce water use and minimize water waste in and around your home, click here.

Updated June 25, 2021 @ 1:00 p.m.

With the high temperatures that are expected through this weekend and next, Medford Water Commission would like to remind our customers of the voluntary water reductions in place as we work through a nationwide chlorine shortage. Suppliers are reestablishing production activities, but it may be some time before water utilities like ours are receiving routine deliveries again.

We are monitoring the situation daily, and want to thank you for being mindful of your water usage thus far. Water demand reductions are helping to further extend our limited supply to an extent, and to maintain this trend throughout the extreme conditions expected, we ask you to continue to voluntarily reduce non-essential water use and eliminate water waste. 

For more information on this update, please click here.

Updated June 21, 2021 @ 4:18 p.m.
Medford Water Commission is working strategically to maintain its limited supply of chlorine (in the form of sodium hypochlorite), a critical component in our water treatment process, following a nationwide shortage. The water we supply remains safe to drink, and on June 17th, 2021, we asked our customers to voluntarily reduce their water usage to extend our supply and preserve water for domestic use.
This means immediately reducing all non-essential water use—except as necessary for public health and safety—and eliminating water waste immediately, such as known leaks inside and outside homes/businesses, which should be repaired. See the full list of voluntary actions customers can take, here.

In addition to these voluntary reductions, the Commission is restricting use of the two bulk water filling stations in Jackson County, to domestic use only. USE OF WATER FROM THESE STATIONS FOR AGRICULTURAL PURPOSES IS PROHIBITED. Information regarding resources for water for agricultural purposes is available from the Jackson County Watermaster’s office at (541) 774-6880. 

Please click here for more information on this update.

Posted June 17, 2021 @ 4:44 p.m.

Voluntary Water Usage Reductions  
Due to Water Treatment Disinfectant Shortage
A critical chlorine supply issue has created a shortage for utilities in Oregon and across the nation, caused by a combination of several factors, including production problems from the COVID-19 pandemic and unprecedented events at more than one major plant. Our water treatment method uses chlorine, in the form of sodium hypochlorite, in very small amounts to ensure our water is safe to drink. Both our primary and secondary water sources are of high quality but require additional treatment to meet drinking water standards set by Oregon Health Authority.

The Commission maintains a limited supply of sodium hypochlorite, and will be working strategically to extend this supply. Part of these
operational changes will result in an excess of air in the pipelines, causing the water to appear cloudy. This cloudiness will dissipate over time, and is due to air bubbles, not poor water quality.

The water we supply remains safe to drink, and to ensure that we can continue to adequately treat water and protect public health during this time, we ask for the cooperation of customers in voluntarily reducing their water usage. These actions will help extend our existing supply of sodium hypochlorite and preserve water for domestic use: 
  • Reduce all non-essential water use—except as necessary for public health and safety—and eliminate water waste immediately, such as known leaks inside and outside homes/businesses, which should be repaired. See details and the full list of voluntary actions here.
In addition to Medford water customers, this message also applies to properties within Central Point, Eagle Point, Phoenix, Talent, Jacksonville, and White City. 
These voluntary usage reductions will remain in place until demand levels come down and the chain of supply for sodium hypochlorite has been reestablished. If demand continues to remain at high levels or increases, mandatory restrictions may be imposed.
The State of Oregon is expected to release information on this issue later today; we will keep our customers informed of the situation as it develops.
Find out more about sodium hypochlorite, what we are doing to help extend our supply during this time, current and potential usage restrictions, and tips for how you can conserve water here or contact our Customer Service Department at (541) 774-2430. For an after-hours emergency with your water service, call (541) 779-7611.

Para obtener una copia de esta información en español, haga clic aquí.

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