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Academy Place Waterline Relocation Project

Academy Place 1
Academy Place 2
Academy Place 3
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Academy Place 5

Medford Water is relocating old waterlines from the alleys of the Academy Place neighborhood in coordination with a City of Medford sewer mains replacement project. These aging waterlines are beyond their service life, and relocation will replace them with new ones that will help preserve water service for residents in the future. 

Project Description and Benefits
The City of Medford’s project will replace sewer mains in the alleys of the Academy Place neighborhood (Academy Place, Euclid Avenue, Reddy Avenue, and Queen Anne Avenue), requiring relocation of the waterlines that are currently in use there. These waterlines were originally installed between 1911 and 1926, and relocating them from the alleys to the streets has the added benefit of replacing these aging lines.

Medford Water will be working with the City as well as independent, licensed contractors to complete this work; we will work hard to communicate with customers and minimize intermittent disruptions to traffic and water service as much as possible.

The existing water mains in the alleys between the following streets will be abandoned and no longer functional: East Main Street and Euclid Avenue, Reddy Avenue and Euclid Avenue, and Queen Anne Avenue and Reddy Avenue. Additional project description information is available here.

Project Map  
Map of waterlines to be relocated, as well as the proposed new mains. Click here to view the map full size.
Academy Place Project Map

Estimated Project Schedule
Medford Water started the design of these improvements in September 2022, starting with a professional survey of the roads and utilities while a Professional Engineer designs the improvements to our water system.

Our goal is to have the design complete in early 2023, with construction beginning mid-2023.

Project Documents  

An Academy Place Project Description and FAQs are available here.

Project Updates/News  

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January 30, 2023   Topographic survey is complete, and we are currently reviewing preliminary plans from our design engineer; the project is progressing well and on schedule for construction this summer. Medford Water staff and our contracted plumber have met with every affected property owner to discuss the new location of their private service lines and the placement of the new water meters, looking at each property carefully to determine the water line routing that is the least disruptive to landscaping and tree roots and the best connection point to the existing plumbing systems.
We expect to have the design complete by the end of February 2023 and anticipate bidding the project in March/April 2023. Due to the proximity to Roosevelt Elementary School and related traffic, most of the construction will occur when school is out, between June 9th and early September.
February 24, 2023   After completing a preliminary walkthrough of all affected properties, Medford Water staff will be contacting property owners to confirm the location of their proposed new waterline and meter box. The location of both have been chosen to minimize impacts to property and landscaping. All private plumbing work will be accomplished by Medford Water’s contracted plumber, to Medford building code standards, and permitted/inspected by the City of Medford.
April 24, 2023   The project continues to move forward as scheduled; the process of seeking contractors to complete the work according to our engineered plans and specifications began April 4th, and bids are due May 2nd. Medford Water staff expects to present the bid results to the Board of Water Commissioners for contract approval at their regular meeting on May 17th. We are still anticipating construction to begin in June, when school is out, with completion in September of this year. 

Related Projects  

We will provide related information on the City of Medford's sewer line project when it becomes available.

Kevin Caldwell, PMP
Project Manager
(541) 774-2469

Medford Water
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