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1st Annual Calendar Contest Winners Announced
Tuesday, January 03, 2023

In 2022, Medford Water sponsored a calendar contest for students in the Medford School District and White City, to pique an interest in water conservation in the everyday lives of students in grade school. Starting with the 4th grade students, we prompted them to think about what water means to them and why it is important to conserve, and to create an illustration based on this idea.

The top 12 submissions were selected to be published in a 2023 calendar, and of those, the top 3 submissions also received some great prizes: first place winner received a pizza party for their class sponsored by Jackson Creek Pizza, as well as an electric scooter! The second-place winner received a drone, and the third-place winner received a mini fridge all sponsored by Medford Water. Prizes were awarded in December 2022, and the calendars will be presented to the winners and the participating classes in the middle of January. 

First Place   First Place
Ellie - Griffin Creek

“Be You” was submitted from Griffin Creek Elementary School. Receiving the first-place prize in our first annual Calendar Contest, “Be You” answered the questions: "What does water conservation mean to me?” and “Why is it important to conserve water?", exemplifying water conservation in this day and age. It illustrates the idea that we all need to think about water conservation and how it effects our lives personally.
Second Place   Second Place
Addysen - Griffin Creek

“Chameleon” was submitted from Griffin Creek Elementary School; it is a creative piece of artwork that displays the earth in the shape of a chameleon. Relating to the theme of conserving water, this is a reminder that we cannot change our surroundings, but we can adapt and be what the world needs us to be today. Conserving water is a practice that needs to change over time. We don't know what the future has in store for us, and we cannot do anything about the past that is behind us, all we can do is adapt to the world today and do what we can.

Thrid place   Third Place
Adikus - Jefferson

“Sacred Water” was submitted from Jefferson Elementary School. Celebrating the artist’s heritage, the piece reminds us that water conservation is not a new way of thinking. Native Americans practiced preservation and sharing our natural resources from long ago, using traditions to pass these concepts down through the generations, who still practice them today. Thank you for reminding us that by doing our part and taking care of the earth, it will provide for us.
All of the students that participated drew amazing works of art, and it was a challenge for the Medford Water team to make the selections for the calendar and determine the top three winners. This has been an inspiring event and we look forward to continuing this contest in the years to come. Thank you to all the participating teachers, students, and vendors that made the first annual Medford Water Calendar Contest possible. We are proud to serve a community that values water in many ways.   
View the entire calendar here:
2023 Calendar Cover


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