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FREE Sprinkler Surveys Available - Get a free reusable tote bag!
Wednesday, August 23, 2023

  Catch Can Test
  Catch Can Test
Did you know that you can get a Sprinkler Survey at your property and have a custom watering schedule created for FREE?!

Medford Water’s Water Efficiency Program offers this service to Medford and White City residents during the summer months and consists of a comprehensive assessment of the design, operation, and management of your sprinkler system.
What Happens During an Evaluation?
  • A member of our water efficiency team, trained in landscape and irrigation, will meet you at your property to evaluate your sprinkler system and watering schedule.
  • Water efficiency staff begin by reviewing historic water use and discussing landscape, sprinkler system, and watering concerns with the customer.
  • Our team then inspects the sprinkler controller and reviews the current watering schedule. We review all settings on the controller including start times, run times and programs.
  • We then turn on each sprinkler zone and review the design, types of sprinklers, plants being watered, check for leaks, look for misaligned or clogged sprinklers, and check water pressure.
  •   Uneven Spray Pattern
      Address issues such as uneven spray pattern
    We also calculate the flow rate for each zone, so you will know how much water you use each time you run your sprinkler system.
  • Sometimes it is necessary for us to conduct what is called a “catch can test” to determine how much water is being applied to the landscape within a certain amount of time. 
  • Finally, we create a customized watering schedule for your property that is based on the types of sprinklers, plant types, and current and historic weather data.
  • We also provide customers with information on rebates, programs, resources, and giveaways.
  • After the evaluation, we will write up a report that outlines observations, sprinkler zone information, and suggestions for increasing efficiency within your sprinkler system.
FREE Sprinkler Survey Tote Bags  
FREE 100% Cotton Tote Bag for Participants for a Limited Time  
​This is a great opportunity to find new ways to save water while still maintaining a healthy and attractive landscape.

For a limited time, a free 100% cotton reusable “Love Your Water” bag will be given out upon our visit to your home!

Please email our Water Efficiency Team at conserve@medfordwater.org or call either 541-774-2436 or 541-774-2438 to schedule an appointment.

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