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Water Treatment Enhancement to Improve System Longevity
Monday, February 26, 2024

Medford Water’s award-winning water is about to get even better!

Medford Water’s top priority is providing drinking water of the highest quality to our customers. Both of our sources (Big Butte Springs and the Rogue River) are of extremely high quality, and in 2019, we completed a comprehensive, multiyear study as part of our commitment to ensuring that our customers continue to receive the highest quality water possible.

Medford Water  

The water we supply meets and surpasses all federal and state drinking water standards, and the study concluded that increasing the pH of both sources would not only improve the longevity of our system, but also further enhance the water quality at customer’s taps, by limiting the potential release of metals from customer plumbing and distribution system water mains. To achieve this, starting on February 27th, 2024, we will be slightly increasing the pH of our treated water.
Currently, the pH of water entering our system from Big Butte Springs is approximately 7.0, and 7.3 for the water entering from the Rogue River. This small pH change, using sodium hydroxide, will eventually bring both water sources to a target of approximately 7.8. Sodium hydroxide is commonly used by water systems across the country to make similar pH adjustments.
Our award-winning water will not taste any different, and the water hardness will not change, though it is predicted to have a minor increase in alkalinity. No action is required for most customers, except for those that utilize processes that are known to be pH dependent, such as medical facilities/equipment users, aquarium and pond owners, breweries or individuals who brew beer at home, and food processing customers.
By improving our system longevity and helping protect those that have plumbing in their homes that is made of or has metal components (such as copper, lead, and iron), this enhancement will allow us to continue to serve our customers great-tasting, high-quality water for years to come. It’s also part of our Vision statement: To be the Rogue Valley’s trusted municipal water provider for present and future generations, through responsible stewardship, accountability, and the pursuit of excellence.

For more information on this project and pH in drinking water—including FAQs—visit medfordwater.org/pH. You can also reach out to us with any questions at (541) 774-2430.


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