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Water Rate Modifications Effective March 1, 2024
Friday, March 01, 2024

Talking Cents: What's a Penny Worth?
Upholding Our Mission
Water may be one of the few remaining commodities you can buy and still get value for just a pennyís worth. As part of our mission to safeguard public health by providing a reliable, high-quality water supply at the best value, we conduct annual studies through through an independent consultant to determine the revenue necessary to prudently fund replacement of aging infrastructure, construction of resilient facilities, and improvements in the facilities that store, treat and transport water to our approximately 150,000 customers.

Our recent study, completed in late 2023, has shown that rate changes are required to meet these revenue needs; our strategy is to spread any increases out over time to reduce the impact on our customers. The Board of Water Commissioners approved modifications to rates for all customer groups served by Medford Water, which take effect March 1; they average 8.6% for single-family residential customers in Medford with a 3/4" meter, or approximately $2.82 per billing for average usage.

A penny may not have as much buying power as it used to, but itís still a great deal. Even after the rate modifications, you can still get more than 10 gallons of clean, high quality drinking water delivered straight to your tap for just one penny! We challenge you to purchase 10 gallons of any other liquid, plus delivery to your home, for that price!

For more information on water rates, click here.

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