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PUBLIC NOTICE: Proposed Exemption from Competitive Solicitation - Water Rights Services
Wednesday, August 08, 2018

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Medford Water Commission (MWC) has proposed an exemption from competitive solicitation pursuant to Section 2.32 - Sole Source Procurement of MWC's 2011 Contracting and Purchasing Regulations​, and on August 14, 2018, will consider awarding a contract to GSI Water Solutions, Inc. (GSI) to provide water rights consulting services. Findings in support of the exemption from competitive bidding consist of the following: GSI is uniquely qualified in the State of Oregon to provide consulting services and is highly knowledgeable regarding MWC's water rights, GSI was selected through a competitive solicitation for consulting services to produce MWCs 2010 Water Rights Master Plan and has provided services on other crucial MWC water rights issues, GSI is located in Corvallis and has the expertise and resources to provide MWC with cost-effective consulting services. It is unlikely that the exemption will encourage favoritism or substantially diminish competition for personal services contracts, and awarding this contract is expected to result in cost savings and is otherwise in the public interest. For additional information, please contact Water Treatment & Quality Director Ben Klayman: (541) 774-2728.
Dated this 8th day of August 2018.
Brad Taylor, General Manager

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