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Commission Moves Forward with Water Quality Improvements

Medford Water Commission (MWC) recently completed a two-year Water Quality and Corrosion Study focused on lead and copper, which can be released from water system piping and household plumbing. MWC’s two water supply sources, Big Butte Springs and the Rogue River, do not contain lead or copper.

The study, which followed best practice guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency, showed that adjusting the water chemistry with sodium hydroxide is the best option to reduce the release of lead and copper. When dissolved in water, sodium hydroxide breaks down into sodium (found in table salt) and hydroxide ions (found in all water). This approach is used in thousands of drinking water plants across the nation.

MWC is moving forward with design and construction of new facilities that will improve water quality for both of
Medford’s drinking water sources by incorporating sodium hydroxide treatment, a process that is expected to take around two years to complete.

Learn more about these water quality improvements here.

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