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Capital Hill Reservoir Replacement Project

Capital Hill Capital Hill Capital Hill Capital Hill Capital Hill

Medford Water will replace Capital Hill’s reservoirs by 2030. Initial investigation work began December 2022.

Project Description and Benefits
We want to hear from you!
We want to
hear from you!
We’re in an early phase of design, with construction years away. Before we get further along, we want to learn how we can:
  • Reduce construction impacts to you and your neighbors.
  • Design the project not just to safeguard our water supply, but to make your neighborhood a better place.
Please call us at 541-774-2452 or email Rachel Lanigan here to start a conversation on these issues. You can also sign up for updates on this project below.
The Capital Hill Reservoir Facility is the distribution hub for Medford’s water system. Its reservoirs store drinking water brought directly from our primary water source, Big Butte Springs, before it is pushed out into other areas. They are nearly 100 years old, and need to be replaced to help us continue to provide reliable, high-quality drinking water long into the future.

We’ll rebuild the reservoirs for earthquake resilience, but we’ll keep them at the same location. It’s at the best elevation to distribute water to the entire system, and it already has the network of pipes and other infrastructure.

Project Map  

The facility is located off of Capital Avenue in east Medford, and bordered by adjacent homes on the west side of the property on Valley View Drive, on the north side on Ridge Way, and the east side of the property by Modoc Avenue, Brentwood Drive, and Girard Drive. 

Below is an illustrated map of the area; to view and download a full-size version, click here.

Capital Hill Facility
Estimated Project Schedule

We’re in an early phase of research and design, with construction years away. To get started, test-drilling around the Capital Hill reservoir site took place in December 2022 to evaluate the sub-surface conditions.
Tentative Timeline
2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027
Nov. 2022-
Sep. 2023
Oct. 2023-
Oct. 2024
Sep. 2024-2027
Public Outreach

Related Projects  
This project is part of the Rogue Valley Water Supply Resiliency Program, our multi-project effort to modernize and expand our water system for the next century, as well as protect it from emerging threats such as  earthquakes, wildfires, and power outages. Learn more about the program here.

Project Updates/News  
Date   Update
January 2023   To get started, test drilling around the Capital Hill reservoir site took place in December 2022 to evaluate the sub-surface conditions. We welcome feedback from neighborhood residents and want to learn ahead of time how we can mitigate construction impacts and design the project to improve the area. Please use the contact information below, and/or stay tuned for information on how to participate in a project Open House.
March 2023   Consultant JLA Public Involvement is supporting our coordination efforts with the public; their team, along with our staff, has been busy speaking with residents around the reservoir site to learn how we can mitigate construction impacts and design the project to improve the area. The feedback gained will help to create plans for outreach and communication, such as hosting an Open House nearby, site signage with updated project information, and providing maps of the existing and future reservoirs. Meanwhile, our engineering team is reviewing reservoir layout concepts and soils onsite, and confirming system operations during the phased construction.

Project Documents  

No documents at this time.

Rachel Lanigan, P.E.
Senior Engineer

Phone: 541-774-2452

Medford Water
Water for the Next Century.

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